Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas

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"Chef! Some of our guests are asking for ketchup. Do we have any?" "We don't serve ketchup in this company." "Also they are asking whether the restaurant will expand anytime soon? There's a restaurant in the new quarter and with all the roadwork lately, it is getting a lot of traffic." "Can't you see I am working on my new masterpiece? How can I concentrate like this? I need that Michelin star! And this new sushi dish is just the thing. Or maybe if I combine kimchi with ice cream..." "But chef. Your guests are not asking for fancy stuff; they want ketchup and coffee. And better decorations. And a new menu." "Get out of my kitchen. Now!"

The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas is an expansion for Food Chain Magnate.


    a new set of milestones that completely changes strategic options
    coffee and barista's: places where people stop on the way to get food
    new districts with different types of buildings
    lobbyists that can place parks and new roads
    new types of food: kimchi, sushi & noodles
    new marketing types: mass marketeers, rural marketeers and gourmet food critics
    new employees: French fries; movie stars and working the night shift
    hard choices
    materials to play with 6 players

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