Captain's Log

Captain's Log

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What is the Captain’s Log the board game?

It is a 1-4 player sandbox board game with an estimated playing time of 1-4 hours and recommended for people aged 14+ where you will be in charge of a ship from the colonial period and you will compete against other players to become the most famous captain of all.

The game starts with the selection of our ship. You will have a choice between a swift and agile but fragile ship; a well-balanced ship, if you want to play it safe; and a heavy and slow but strong ship.

With our ship, we will try to become the most famous and well-known captain of all seven seas and get a place in history. How? We can transform our ship into a frightening man-o-war and loot boarded ships or into the fastest sailboat ever imagined. We will be able to trade in the market to get doubloons, grow our crew, improve our weapons and load capacity, enrol on a mission and get a reward, explore the ocean to search for treasures, fight against or with others, and above all acquire wealth. At the end of the day, it’s a sandbox board game, so you set the limits or the board does.

Throughout the game, we will make contact with other ships commanded by our friends (although we know in a board game is better not to rely on friendships). While exploring the map, we will start catching sight of other ships belonging to the different nations in the game. These are Spain, Holland, France, England, and pirates and corsairs. During the game, you will be able to decide if you want to side with any of these nations which will give you a variety of perks. However, nothing in this life comes for free and your acts might take you to make enemies of some other nations which will make their ships come after yours and try to sink you into the ocean.

Can you be a pirate and become another nation’s ally? Of course! You will sign a letter of marque with that nation and you will become a corsair/pirate. This way you will be able to get up to mischief but you will be loyal to the other nation and leave their ships alone.

As the game moves forward, the sea and wind might not always be in your favour, a storm might surprise us. What if the wind stops all of the sudden or there is low tide? We will have to be ready to deal with our enemies as well as the ever-changing weather.
This is just an overview of the game but, fear not! Once you purchase it, you will get an in-depth instruction manual. After finishing this “captain’s log” and if you reach the required fame before the rest of the players, you will be crowned the most famous captain in the history of the Caribbean!



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Captain's Log