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  • 878: Vikings – Invasions of...

    35,95 €

    Samaan laatikkoon koottuna 9 pientä lisäosaa 878: Vikings - Invasions of England -peliin:

    War for Land and Gods
    Epic Battle Events
    Viking Ships
    Relics and Holy Sites
    Legendary Leader
    Runes and Prayer Dice

  • A Feast for Odin: The...

    41,95 €

    The first large expansion for A Feast for Odin, The Norwegians includes four new islands (Isle of Man, Isle of Skye, Islay, Outer Hebrides) with Irish coastal viking-settlements on the backside (Waterford, Wexford, Cork, Limerick), where people from Norway came to stay through the winter (longphort), to trade at, and to settle nearby. This offers new strategies and new puzzle-tiles like horse (6VP, 2x5 spaces)/pregnant horse/leather(green)/vadmal(blue) and pigs (1 VP, breed every round; 2x3 - 1 = 5 spaces)/herbal (orange)/ antler (green)/tools (blue). The game has a third box for the tiles and offers the four old islands too (renewed little different VPs and new graphic-aspects of mini-expansion islands Lofoten/Orkneys/Tierra del Fuego).

    The expansion includes another mountain-strip (last round), more two-silver coins, meat/beans and runes/oil and a "little emigration" piece that covers one food instead of two. You get it on a new action-space for giving away a whaling boat. The renewed action board has three pieces that can be turned around for different numbers of players (version for 1-2, 3, and 4 players), which increases the chances of players getting in each others way. It contains new opportunities like butchering, elk-hunting, fishing, and thievery, along with changes for some old actions. It's now easier, for example, to play an animal strategy, also because you can now get two of the same animals in one action. There is also a new fifth column to make a (better) action with your last viking! You can smith, for example, now a grey piece with maximum of eight swords by using an ore and only one action. Also for this, there are five new grey puzzle-pieces like pan, hauberk or anvil and a little board for smithable pieces with fewer than nine swords.

    Totally new is also the idea of a random start-building. Everybody gets one of the six artisan shed boards and can build the front or backside with one wood and one action. These buildings offer, covered like stonehouse and longhouse, some stuff (pieces, weapons, commodities), VPs and one silver (horse stable 2 silver). So everybody has another different start-opportunity - like the profession card. In this expansion, you choose the best of two cards to start with. Another new option is, that instead of puting a profession card into the game, you can throw it away for a VP-chip. A nice little competitive element, because there are only two 4-VP-chips, six 3-VP-chips and eight (endless) 2-VP-chips.

    The expansion includes no almanac about game-elements and their viking-history. But again it was written by Gernot Köpke as a "historical-science"-journalist and learnd lokal newspaper editor and main elements will be published on BGG at
    The expansion includes also an extra board for ships and small emigration tiles.

  • Anachrony: Exosuit...

    39,95 €

    The Exosuit Commander Pack on laajennus Anachrony-peliin. Se sisältää 30 suurta (55 mm korkeaa) exosuit-miniatyyriä ja Pioneers of the New Earth -lisäosan, sekä vielä Guardians of the Council -moduulin.

    Pystyt päivittämään exosuit-tokenisi johon 24 miniatyyristä, joissa on ohjaamokolo työläisellesi.

    Guardians of the Council lisää peliin kuusi uutta exosuit-miniatyyriä ja uuden moduulin. Guardianeita voi käyttää myös Chronobotin exosuit-armeijana - tai vaihtoehtona pelaajan omalle.

    Pioneers of the New Earth -moduulin avulla voit päivittää exosuitteja tutkiaksesi laajoja ja vaarallisia Outbackin alueita. Exosuitteja voi parannella resursseilla tai jopa läpimurroilla. Uutta seikkailutoimintoa voi käyttää löytääkseen menneisyyden salaisuuksia tai vaikka kohdatakseen vihamielisiä elämänmuotoja.

    Exosuittien voimaa voi käyttää jopa toisia pelaajia vastaan, kun kilpaillaan siitä kuka ehtii varaamaan parhaat toimintopaikat.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    19,95 €

    Witness the day of reckoning with the Guardians of the Abyss Scenario Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game! Called to Cairo to unravel a medical mystery, this pack throws you into the action of the linked scenarios, The Eternal Slumber and The Night's Usurper, first featured at Gen Con 2018 and Arkham Nights 2018, respectively. With 78 beautifully illustrated cards to immerse you in the peril of an investigation that takes you to the deserts of Egypt and beyond, this pack challenges you to determine fact from fiction, wakefulness from dream, and sanity from madness. Step into a realm beyond your imagination and stop an ancient prophecy from coming to pass!

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    15,95 €

    Heart of the Elders on The Forgotten Age Cyclen kolmas Mythos-paketti.

    The Boundary Beyondin tapahtumien jälkeen sinä ja muu tutkijaryhmä suuntaatte Etelä-Meksikon viidakkoon etsimään muinaista ja unohdettua luolaa. Useiden päivien vaelluksen jälkeen löydätte mahdollisen sisäänkäynnin luolaan, mutta jokin on vialla. Luolan sisäänkäyntiä ympäröi kuusi pilaria, joihin on kaiverrettu outoja merkkejä. Ovatko ne varoitus? Lukko? Joudutte tutkimaan asiaa, mutta aika käy vähiin. Varusteenne alkavat käydä vähiin ja metsien varjoista lukuisat silmäparit seuraavat toimianne. Mitä salaisuuksia ne oikein yrittävät suojella?

    Tässä Mythos Packissa on mukaansatempaava kaksiosainen skenaario, joka vie seikkailunne niin maan alle kuin sen yläpuolelle. Joudutte kohtaamaan välittömästä valintojenne seuraukset, kun skenaario muokkautuu edetessänne luoden teille uusia vaaroja ja epäilyksiä siitä keneen liittolaisistanne voitte lopulta luottaa.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    15,95 €

    Kiljuin ääneen, etten pelkää; en voisi koskaan pelätä; ja muut kiljuivat rinnallani omaksi lohdutuksekseen. Vakuutimme toisillemme, että kaupunki oli edelleen sama ja yhä eläväinen; ja kun kun sähkövalot alkoivat himmetä, me kirosimme sähköyhtiötä yhä uudelleen ja uudelleen. Nauroimme oudoille ilmeille, jotka olivat kasvoillamme.
    – H.P. Lovecraft, “Nyarlahotep”

    Arkham Horror: The Card Gamen Forgotten Age -laajennukessa lähditte tieteelliselle tutkimusmatkalle löytääksenne muinaiset atsteekkirauniot Etelä-Meksikosta. Palasitte kotiin mukananne mittaamattoman kallis artifakti, joten suojelitte hengellänne. Sitten seurasi Threads of Fate, jossa maailmanne ajautui kaaokseen ja kohtasitte useita haasteita tiimalasin hiekan valuessa nopeasti tyhjiin. Nyt, The Boundary Beyondissa pyritte korjaamaan tekemänne virheet, mutta tähän saakka tekemänne valinnat ja uhraukset muuttavat vääjäämättä tehtäväänne - paitsi jos aika ei olekaan niin stabiilli määre kuin uskoitte.

    Ajan verho raottuu The Boundary Beyodissa, joka järjestyksessä toinen Mythos Pack “The Forgotten Age Cycle” -sarjassa. Tutkiessanne Mexico Cityssä löytämäänne outoa reliikkiä, alkaa kaupungin arkkitehtuuri muuttua kuin joksikin historiankirjojen sivuilla nähdyksi. Äkkiä jouduttekin keskittymään pelkästään hengissä pysymiseen. Teidän täytyy astua rajan taakse ja palauttaa aikajana oikeaan uomaansa ennen kuin on liian myöhäistä!

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Where do you go for answers when your world is tilting into madness? The answer: Paris. A Phantom of Truth is the third Mythos Pack in "The Path to Carcosa" cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. As you investigate the mysteries behind The King in Yellow, the Mythos Pack's new scenario introduces a new set of clues, along with supernatural terrors that play upon your growing Doubt or Conviction. Amid these horrors, you'll find twenty-two new player cards (two copies each of eleven different cards) to help you stay grounded and pursue the truth

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Before the Black Throne is the sixth and final Mythos Pack in "The Circle Undone" cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    After your battle to close the rips in reality in In the Clutches of Chaos, you have left your city and your world behind, traveling an impossible distance, and yet you are still many leagues from the nighted throne where your ultimate foe stirs. As you are chased by your fate across the cosmos, you may be forced to bring "empty space" into play, losing the top card of your deck as you place it facedown to embody the seemingly infinite space that divides you from the rest of humanity. This is not a location; it cannot be entered or investigated, and the only way to reclaim your lost card is to fill the empty space with a Cosmos location. These impossible places, drawn from the new Cosmos deck, do not have set places they must connect to. Rather, each Cosmos card has a connecting instruction you must obey in order to place it. Torn from all you know, it may be easy to surrender to the existential dread, but even if all you can do is delay the inevitable, the battle is not over yet!

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Union and Disillusion is the fourth Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    After your brush with the Silver Twilight Lodge in For the Greater Good, you journey to the banks of the Miskatonic River in search of the four souls who went missing from one of the Lodge’s events. Between two of the bridges that span the river, there stands the Unvisited Isle. The foggy shores are barren and unwelcoming, and as you row closer, you try to remain silent, as if to keep the river itself from noticing. Not a soul greets you as you draw closer to the island, save for the judging gaze of ghostly birds that observe you from the trees. In the distance, a pillar of spectral energy is rising into the clouds, a vortex of otherworldly mist spiraling about it.

    As you explore the island, you will find braziers scattered at various locations, that you can either light or douse with the new Circle action ability. Lighting these braziers may help push back the heavy mist, allowing you to further explore the island, but it may also be the key step in completing the ritual that has already begun. How far can you push Arkham to the brink of chaos without surrendering the city to the dark forces battling for control of it?

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Blood on the Altar is the third Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    In the scenario from Blood on the Altar, your investigations lead you to the village of Dunwich, where you suspect a series of recent disappearances may be related to the events in Arkham. But the more you explore, the more you get the impression the townsfolk aren't exactly pleased to see you. There are secrets in this town that its inhabitants don't wish to share…

    With its sixty cards (including a complete playset of each new player card), Blood on the Altar challenges you to delve the secrets of Dunwich. You'll need to travel throughout the town in search of clues, stopping to investigate many of the locations infamously identified in H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale, The Dunwich Horror.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Dim Carcosa is the sixth and final Mythos Pack in the "Path to Carcosa" cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    Your investigation into the mysterious play The King in Yellow has led you across the globe and brought you to the edge of madness. Now, in the final act of the Path to Carcosa you travel beyond the cosmos to a world a place beyond all imagining. Before you lies a warped, alien city. Its twisting streets and aberrant architecture have no semblance of order or structure. In the distance, a murky lake reflects the glare of two suns. This is Carcosa – the realm of madness in the stars, where Hastur reigns supreme.

    All shall be revealed when you travel to Dim Carcosa, meaning that the locations in this scenario have no unrevealed side. Instead, their reverse sides bear story cards to push your plotlines forward to their final curtain. In this lost realm, insanity is inevitable. But even with your mind fractured and broken, your investigation does not end here. In Dim Carcosa, you are not defeated when you have horror equal to or greater than your sanity. Instead, you journey on, facing impossible odds in the hopes to return home alive.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Echoes of the Past is the first Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    The King in Yellow has come to Arkham, you caught the performance, and now you find yourself drawn into the maddening web of powerful forces and sinister event that seems to surround the mysterious play. So how do you proceed? Where do you continue your investigations? How you do hold onto the tattered threads of your limited sanity? If there are ties between the play and Arkham, there's one place where you might uncover them—the Arkham Historical Society, a landmark building that holds age-old secrets even its curator doesn’t know…

    Even as it introduces a new scenario through which you can explore the Society’s hidden secrets—and the many terrors with which they are associated—Echoes of the Past introduces a wealth of player cards driven by two major themes that allow you to refine your investigator’s practiced Talent and Composure.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    15,95 €

    For The Greater Good is the third Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    Following the events of The Wages of Sin, you are disturbed to learn that there have been even more strange sightings in Arkham and worse, several more people have disappeared. You need help.Your relationship with the Order of the Silver Twilight cannot continue to balance on the edge of a knife. You must decide whether you will place your trust in them or count them among your enemies, and this decision will shape your adventure moving forward, determining your ties to the Lodge and which areas of the manor you will have access to.

    At first glance, several of the player cards featured in For the Greater Good may look familiar. In The Secret Name, the Arkham Horror LCG broke the boundary between player factions by introducing player cards like that belonged to multiple classes. Now, as your investigators continue to gain experience from their research into Arkham’s secret history, you will have the chance to upgrade these cards into more powerful versions that fit into classic, single-class categories. Each version of these upgraded cards feature distinct art pieces and abilities that play into the core focuses of their classes, growing with your investigators as their search for answers continue.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    In the Clutches of Chaos is the fifth Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    After your fateful investigation in Union and Disillusion, the state of the city continues to decay. Breaches in reality begin to rip through the fabric of the Earth, and a faint melody of discordant pipes can be heard throughout the streets of Arkham. Frightened citizens have sealed themselves in their homes, yet you continue to patrol the streets, desperate for some solution to end the chaos.

    In In the Clutches of Chaos, doom does not accrue at the usual rate. Instead, breaches are made at various locations, marked by resource tokens. When enough breaches have been made a single location, an incursion occurs. An incursion adds doom to its location and causes the breaches to spread, opening rifts in reality at connecting locations. Your goal is to prevent incursions by removing the breaches that cause them, but this can only be done by activating the action abilities on each location. If you do not maintain control over the breaches, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed with Arkham falling into madness. You cannot allow that to happen!

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    32,95 €

    "I cannot forget Carcosa where black stars hang in the heavens; where the shadow of men’s thoughts lengthen in the afternoon, when the twin suns sink into the lake of Hali; and my mind will bear for ever the memory of the Pallid Mask." –Robert W. Chambers, The King in Yellow

    A new theater production is coming to Arkham all the way from Paris. Unsurprisingly, it's been all the rage in conversations among Arkham's socialites. But in your efforts to learn more about the play, you've uncovered a darker history. Disappearances. Suicides. Delusions. Insanity. Wherever The King in Yellow is performed, madness follows close behind…

    In The Path to Carcosa, the second deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, it becomes your task to uncover the secrets of this unusual play. The expansion's two scenarios kick off The Path to Carcosa campaign with a trip to the Ward Theatre and an invitation to the formal dinner party hosted by cast and crew. But with every answer you gain and every clue you uncover, you only find yourself falling deeper into mystery and madness.

    Along with its new scenarios and encounter cards, The Path to Carcosa introduces six new investigators and sixty-two player cards (including a complete playset of each) that afford you new ways to explore and enjoy the game—even as they challenge you to overcome new weaknesses.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    29,95 €

    You thought the cases were closed, relegated to a past that was best left forgotten. Beginning with a search for two missing Miskatonic University professors, your inquiries in The Dunwich Legacy launched you on a campaign that led from the decrepit streets of Dunwich to the infamous Clover Club and realms beyond. But questions from these strange investigations still linger, compelling you to board the train to Dunwich once more.

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy invites you to re-open your old cases and experience the first full-length campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game with fresh eyes as you encounter new challenges and new surprises. Across this expansion’s 81 new scenario cards and 23 new player cards, you’ll explore new locations, face more ghastly treacheries, and enhance your investigator’s abilities as you face even more unspeakable terrors. Finally, Return to the Dunwich Legacy also features a premium box and thirty-two divider cards to conveniently store your complete campaign in one place.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    26,95 €

    You swore that you would never go back. Yet like a snake eating its own tail, you were always meant to return to where it all began. In the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set, Night of the Zealot presented your first challenge while introducing you to the investigators, mechanics, and environment of Arkham Horror Files, providing a stable foundation from which you built you investigations into the unknown and the unknowable. Now, you are invited to return home and begin a new challenge worthy of your expertise.

    Return to the Night of the Zealot is an expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game that enhances and modifies the Night of the Zealot campaign with 46 new Encounter cards and 20 new Player Cards. Additionally, this expansion includes a premium box and 18 divider cards to hold your entire Night of the Zealot campaign.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Shattered Aeons is the sixth and final Mythos Pack in "The Forgotten Age" cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    In The Forgotten Age, you journeyed to the darkest corners of Central America in search of a lost Aztec city-state. What you found during your expedition may be the greatest scientific discover of the age, but it could also be the Earth's undoing.

    Throughout The Forgotten Age cycle, you have tried to set your mistakes to right, chasing answers about the mysterious artifact your uncovered and those who pursue it. Retracing your path south, you have uncovered secrets that threaten your entire understanding of the world, of time, and of humanity's place in the universe. Now, the last and greatest of your questions will be answered in Shattered Aeons. But be wary as mere mortals may not be meant to gain such knowledge and the truths you seek may destroy what little remains of your sanity.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    33,95 €

    Judgement. Temperance. Justice. The Tower.

    The soothsayer’s tarot wove a tale of a grim future, hard to put out of your mind. But when you learn that four people have disappeared without a trace from an estate in French Hill, you begin to wonder if this cruel fate is meant only for you, or for the entirety of Arkham…

    The Circle Undone is the fourth deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Here, your team of investigators delve into the mysteries of Arkham’s past, uncovering its macabre history and the motives of those who dwell in its shadows. This expansion contains a playable prologue, first two scenarios of The Circle Undone campaign, as well as new investigator and player cards to further customize your investigations in the world of H. P. Lovecraft’s Mythos.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    The City of Archives is the fourth Mythos Pack in "The Forgotten Age" cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    Following the events of Heart of the Elders, you and your team of investigators have journeyed deep into a series of caverns where a new world lays hidden from the outside world. Strange creatures that cannot be of this world have seemingly lived beneath the shell of the Earth for centuries. They are horrifying to look upon, but are they dangerous? Now within their domain, it may be best to go along with whatever they want, but how much can you trust them, and what might your naïveté cost you?

    This Mythos Pack features a new mechanism that makes playing this scenario an out-of-body experience, as well as new player cards to customize your investigators' decks.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    The Depths of Yoth is the fifth Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    Following the events of The City of Archives, your team of investigators find yourselves trapped deep in the of the Earth and the only way out is...down. Your mission to protect humanity continues, but the threats to your life increase with each level of the descent. There is no telling what monsters have grown in these dark caverns and now pursue your team, but you cannot look back, or you are surely lost.

    This Mythos Pack features new player cards to customize your investigators' decks and treacherous encounter cards to immerse you in the peril of your investigation.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    31,95 €

    he Dunwich Legacy is a deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    Several months ago, three Miskatonic University professors armed themselves with secret knowledge, traveled to Dunwich, and brought an end to the strange and terrifying creature that had been terrorizing the secluded village. Their heroic efforts brought peace to the region—for a while—but also left the men scarred by the horrors they had witnessed. Now, one of those professors, Dr. Armitage, has need of your assistance. His colleagues have gone missing, and he fears the worst…

    With five mini cards and 156 full-size cards, The Dunwich Legacy challenges you to find the missing professors and launches you into a campaign that leads to Miskatonic University, the notorious Clover Club, and beyond. Five new investigators arrive to offer their services, armed with fifty-nine new player cards (including a complete playset of each) that allow you to pursue new deck-building strategies and new styles of play. Finally, you'll find all manner of new terrors arrayed against you—from backroom thugs and bad luck to arcane hexes and wholly unnatural abominations.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    The Essex County Express is the second Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Among its sixty new cards, you'll find twenty-eight player cards, including four copies of a new weakness.

    You'll also find a thrilling new scenario in which your investigations lead you outside the town of Arkham. While the train you take may offer the fastest transit to your next lead, it may not offer the safest… When the train rumbles, shakes, and lurches to a halt, you and your fellow investigators must race from your car to the engine. If you can't get the train moving in a hurry, you and all the other passengers may fall prey to whatever unnatural things seem to be crawling, shifting, and oozing their way from car to car, growing ever larger as they do so.

    Your adventures on the Essex County Express feature a randomized set of locations that greatly enhance the scenario's replayability, meaning this nightmarish ride is one you'll want to take again and again and again!

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    29,95 €

    “Vielä kertaalleen astelin hiekan alla velloviin raunioihin…”
    – H.P. Lovecraft, “Nimetön kaupunki”

    Luulemme tuntevamme maapallon historian, mutta on salaisuuksia joita emme tiedä ja on totuuksia jotka tekisivät koko ymmärryksemme universumista tyhjäksi. Kun tunnettu historioitsija Alejandro Vela saa selville yhden näistä salaisuuksista - muinaisen ja unohdetun atsteekkikaupungin raunioiden sijainnin - hän käynnistää tapahtumasrajan joka voi purkaa itsensä ajan kudelman.

    The Forgotten Age on kolmas deluxe-laajennus Arkhan Horror: The Card Gameen. Tällä kertaa tutkijajoukkonne lähtee tieteelliselle tutkimusretkellä Etelä-Meksikon sademetsiin. Paketissa on kaksi uutta skenaariota, joista kummankin voi pelata yksistään tai ne voi toimia osana uutta kampanjaa.

    Lisäsosassa on viisi uutta tutkijaa, 64 pelaajakorttia, sekä 87 kohtaamiskorttia, mukaan lukien tutkimusretkipakka, jossa tulee uusia haasteita voitettaviksi tutkijoiden vajotessa syvemmälle Unohdettuun aikaan.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    20,95 €

    Ei tarvitse hermostua, tässä suoritetaan nyt tällainen pieni ihmiskoe.

    The Labyrinths of Lunacy on itsenäinen skenaario Arkham Horror: The Card Gameen. Sinä ja toverisi olette joutuneet salaperäisen rikollisneron vangiksi. Teidät on suljettu hirvittävään luolaholviin ja pakotettu suorittamaan kieroja tehtäviä ja arvoituksia päästäksenne vapauteen. Tämä skenaario nähtiin ensimmäisen kerran jenkkien Gen Con messuilla 2017 ja se vetää jopa 12 pelaajaa eeppisessä moninpelimuodossaan. Lisäsäännöt antavat tukea pienemmällä poppoolla pelatessa ja tekevät Hulluuden labyrintistä kolmiosaisen minikamppiksen.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    The Secret Name is the first Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle.

    Following the events of The Circle Undone, you are desperate to find more information about the dangerous new coven of that has taken up residence in Arkham. Such knowledge is difficult to come by, even in a place like Arkham, but you do know of one witch whose story has been passed down for nearly two hundred years: Keziah, who escaped from the Salem Gaol back in the late 1600’s and whose ghost still supposedly haunts the condemned Witch House in French Hill. With many questions and few leads, you have no choice but to chase the ghosts of Arkham’s past.

    As a new cycle begins, you will need new tools to help you battle these unholy forces. To help you with this task, some of the new player cards in The Secret Name belong to more than one class. These cards, which can be identified by their golden hue and dual class icons in the upper right corner of the card, can be added to your investigator’s deck if you have access to either of the classes detailed on the card. If, however, an investigator has limited access to one of the classes on a multiclass card, that card will occupy one of the investigator’s limited slots, even if they have unlimited access to the other class detailed on the card. But with diverse uses and powerful effects, they make a worthy addition to any investigator’s arsenal.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    It was always going to come to this… You're finally headed to the asylum.

    The Unspeakable Oath is the second Mythos Pack in "The Path to Carcosa" cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and it carries you deep into the belly of Arkham's asylum. You’ll find yourself behind locked doors, wracked by Doubt, and surrounded by Lunatics. And, still, you'll catch hints of deeper and darker secrets.

    And while its scenario continues and deepens the game's exploration of the mystical realms between the traditional roleplaying and card game experiences, its twenty-four player cards (two copies each of twelve different cards) provide you access to a number of wealthy Patrons and allow you to "learn" from your mistakes.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    15,95 €

    Matkallanne Etelä-Meksikon sademetsiin teitte elämänne löydön. Kotiin palattuanne on aika rentoutua – mutta lepo jääkin haaveeksi. Kutsumaton vieras väittää, että löytämänne artefakti ei ole lainkaan mitä luulette –  itse asiassa olette saattaneet koko maailmaan suureen vaaraan. Saatanan tunarit.

    Tyypin väitteet tuntuvat käyvän toteen ja maailma ajautuu kaaokseen. Nyt tarttis tehrä kolme juttua aika lailla yhtä aikaa: katsoa että se pahanilman reliikki ei joudu vääriin käsiin, selvittää ystävän katoaminen ja päättää luotetaanko tuohon mysteerivieraaseen. Panokset on korkealla ja aika kortilla, mitä teette?

    Threads of Fate aloittaa The Forgotten Age Mythos Pack -kokonaisuuden (terveisiä kielitoimistolle!). Tämä on siis lisäosa tuohon mainioon Arkham Horror: The Card Gameen. Uusi seikkailu vie tutkijat kolmivaiheiseen seikkailuun, joita pelataan kolmesta pakasta yhtä aikaa. Johtolankoja ja aikaa on rajoitetusti, joten siitä vaan tekemään tiukkoja päätöksiä. Päätösten seuraukset nähdään kampanjan aikana, joten valitkaa nyt herrantähren viisaasti.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Things are definitely getting weird in Undimensioned and Unseen, the fourth Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game…

    By the time your pursuit of two missing professors leads you to the scenario from Undimensioned and Unseen, you'll have traveled far from the familiar comforts of Arkham, and you'll have witnessed things you know no one would ever believe. You'll find yourself neck-deep in furtive cultists and their sacrifices, inundated with information about "Ancient Ones" and unholy rituals. And you'll suddenly find yourself forced to destroy terrifying, monstrous creatures that are literally impervious to everything in your arsenal…

    A mystery within a mystery, Undimensioned and Unseen may bring you another step closer to your ultimate goal, but you must first track down whatever knowledge or power may allow you to defeat a number of otherwise invulnerable Abominations. And it demands that you complete your investigation quickly—possibly by making use of the Mythos Pack’s new player cards—lest you should no longer be the hunter, but the hunted!

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    Union and Disillusion is the fourth Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    After your brush with the Silver Twilight Lodge in For the Greater Good, you journey to the banks of the Miskatonic River in search of the four souls who went missing from one of the Lodge’s events. Between two of the bridges that span the river, there stands the Unvisited Isle. The foggy shores are barren and unwelcoming, and as you row closer, you try to remain silent, as if to keep the river itself from noticing. Not a soul greets you as you draw closer to the island, save for the judging gaze of ghostly birds that observe you from the trees. In the distance, a pillar of spectral energy is rising into the clouds, a vortex of otherworldly mist spiraling about it.

    As you explore the island, you will find braziers scattered at various locations, that you can either light or douse with the new Circle action ability. Lighting these braziers may help push back the heavy mist, allowing you to further explore the island, but it may also be the key step in completing the ritual that has already begun. How far can you push Arkham to the brink of chaos without surrendering the city to the dark forces battling for control of it?

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    The Wages of Sin is the second Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

    "Between the phantasms of nightmare and the realities of the objective world a monstrous and unthinkable relationship was crystallizing, and only stupendous vigilance could avert still more direful developments."
    –H.P. Lovecraft, “The Dreams in the Witch House”

    You are not safe in this city any more.

    Your journey first began with a dark prophecy from a soothsayer, and it has led you to the dangerous shining halls of Josef Meiger's estate and the dilapidated Witch House of French Hill in search of buried histories best left forgotten. Tangled up with all of it is a long-dead sorceress from Arkham's past, so perhaps the best place to start is where so many witches like her met their end hundreds of years ago.

  • Arkham Horror: The Card...

    16,95 €

    "You realise, of course, the utterly stupendous nature of the matter before us. To us, as to only a few men on this earth, there will be opened up gulfs of time and space and knowledge beyond anything within the conception of human science and philosophy."
    –H.P. Lovecraft, The Whisperer in Darkness

    Who could have ever guessed that your search for two missing professors would lead to this? The wind howls. Ritual magic vibrates through the air. And the world is ripping apart. Your time is running out. Your doom is fast approaching!

    Where Doom Awaits is the fifth Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Even as its new scenario carries your investigations rapidly toward their climactic conclusion, it dizzies your investigator with a distorted version of reality. The woods outside of Dunwich are changing. You'll find clearings strewn with blood and bodies, rivers frozen solid despite the temperate air, and paths that rip open, revealing chasms through the dimensions and other worlds elsewhere in the void…

    Fortunately, you won’t find yourself wholly unprepared for the alien challenges these dimensional rifts represent. Twenty-eight player cards (two copies each of fourteen different cards) offer a range of solutions, provided you've earned the experience points to add them to your deck.

  • Caverna: The Forgotten Folk

    27,95 €

    Caverna: The Forgotten Folk — Caverna: Vergessene Völker in German — originated as a fan project on BoardGameGeek, and Caverna publisher Lookout Games has decided to work with the designer to develop this material and release it as an official expansion.

    Forgotten Folk consists of eight different species or race packs such as elves, dark elves, and trolls, and now each player in Caverna can be one of these species instead of only the dwarves in the base game. Each species has special advantages and disadvantages, and some species introduce new resources into the game. Each species has four unique rooms, and they replace rooms in the base game, which allows other players to gain the powers of these species.

  • Cerebria - The Inside...

    43,95 €

    Autuuden ja Alakulon kamppaillessa  Sisäisen Maailman hallinnasta, uusi voima astuu näyttämölle. Tasapaino ei toimi tuomarina, mutta ei tyydy myöskään katsomaan asioita sivusta. Tasapaino on aktiivinen osallistuja, joka pyrkii varmistamaan että kumpikaan toisista tunteista ei saa ylivaltaa. Sekä Autuus että Alakulo ovat tärkeitä Cerebrian hyvinvoinnille ja Tasapaino etsii tapaa saada nämä kaksi elämään keskenään harmoniassa.
    Forces of Balance -lisäosa laajentaa Cerebrian maailmaa lisäämällä siihen kolmannen osapuolen sekä kaksi uutta Mielialaa, ennakoimattoman Intuition sekä viisaan Järjen. Tasapaino-pelimoodissa peliä voi pelata jopa kuusi pelaajaa, mutta pelimuoto taipuu pienemmällekin pelaajamäärälle (vähintään kolme)
    Tasapainon pelaajalla on käytössään muutamia uusia pelimekaniikkoja. Heidän Tunteensa, tapa jolla he herättävät Tunteita, saavat Olemusta (Essence) ja Linnoittautuvat ovat kaikki sidoksissa Tasapainon ainutlaatuiseen  pelityyliin.
    Tasapainon pelaaja kerää myös voittopisteitä aivan omalla tavallaan. He eivät kilpaile yhteisistä yleisistä  pyrkimyksistä (Common Aspirations), vaan heillä on omat salaiset pyrkimyksensä, joissa haetaan tasapainoa. Aivan kuten Autuuden ja Alakulon tapauksessa, myös Tasapaino voittaa keräämällä pelin loppuun mennessä eniten pisteitä Identiteetin palasista ja Aikomusten pyörästä.

    Forces of Balance -lisäosa vaatii Cerebria - The Inside World  -lautapelin. Peli on englanninkielinen.

  • Champions of Midgard: The...

    23,95 €

    The Dark Mountains, the first expansion for Champions of Midgard, extends your adventures to distant lands, allowing you to trek into the dark mountains where the Bergrisar live and wage constant battle with the Archer Clans of the North. Fight fearsome mountain giants and liberate archers who join your cause. Once freed, you will find the archers to be worthy allies, rarely missing and being exceptional hunters. Enemies you face will fall easily before their sure shots.

    Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains adds a ton of new content to the base game, including the ability to play with up to five players.

    The expansion includes new land journeys, a new enemy type (Bergrisar), more powerful Trolls and Draugr, as well as additional rune cards, market tiles, and more.

  • Champions of Midgard: Valhalla

    27,95 €

    In Valhalla, the second expansion for Champions of Midgard, you will find yourself rewarded when your warriors die in battle. Your warriors' eternal glory becomes your earthly reward as the Valkyries bestow powerful effects, relics, and warriors upon you for use in your battles in Midgard. Some of your fallen soldiers may do more, rising to face the greatest enemies even in the afterlife, defeating epic monsters and bringing you glory from beyond the grave!

    Couple these new rewards with fierce new warriors in the form of Berzerkers and Shieldwarriors, and new custom dice and powers for your leaders, and your adventures in Midgard will never be the same!

  • Charterstone Recharge Pack

    19,96 € 24,95 € -20%

    Tuote on lisäosa Jamie Stegmaierin suunnittelemaan Charterstone peliin.

    Charterstone Recharge Packistä löytyvät kaikki tarpeelliset komponentit peruspelin kampanjan uudelleen pelaamiseen. Charterstonea siis toki voi pelata 12 pelikerran kampajan päättymisen jälkeenkin pelien aikana syntyneellä uniikilla pelilaudalla.

    Tällä lisäpaketilla voit ottaa alkuperäisen pelilaudan toisen puolen käyttöön ja pelata kampanjan uudelleen alusta lähtien. Paketissa on kaikki komponentit, jotka muuttuivat pysyvästi ensimmäisen läpipeluukerran aikana.

  • Chronicles of Crime: NOIR

    21,95 €

    Noir is an expansion authored by Stephane Anquetil, a very talented writer with credentials including Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective scenarios as well as Escape Books and Box (404 éditions).

    In Noir, the whole group is collectively representing one private detective with unconventional methods.

    Instead of Forensic Contacts, players have 4 action cards they can use at any point and any moment:


    You won't be able to intimidate everyone without repercussions.
    Also, your money is in a shortage, so you can't bribe everyone you meet.
    Noir really brings another side to crime busting!

    This Expansion requires the base game (London) to be played. It also requires an app to work (it's impossible to play without it), but once downloaded no Internet connexion is needed to play. You currently need Android 4.4 or newer, or iOS 8.0 or newer to run the app, which may change in the future.

  • Clank in Space! Apocalypse!

    21,95 €

    Pakanrakennusseikkailu Clank! In! Space! saa nerokkaasti(?) nimetyn jatko-osan Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse!

    Pienet vastarintaryhmät jatkavat pahan Lordi Eradikuksen vastustamista, mutta nyt tämä cyborgipahis aikoo pyyhkiä vastustajansa lopullisesti maailmankaikkeuden kartalta. Suunnitelma on suureellinen ja julma.

    Sinun tehtäväsi on tietenkin pissiä Lordi Eradikuksen aamiaismuroihin. Samalla saatat vahingossa päätyä sankariksi, mutta ainakin henkiin jäädessäsi rikkaaksi.

    Lisäosa vaatii Clank! In! Space! -pelin.

    Pelilaatikko sisältää:

    2 Kaksipuolista pelilautaa
    35 Adventure -korttia
    8 Large Scheme -korttia
    1 Haldos Boss -merkin

  • Clank! Expeditions: Gold...

    14,95 €

    Jos ryöstösaaliin janosi on sammumaton, Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk voi sopia sulle. Lisäosa tuo Clank! -peruspeliin uusia pelilautoja.

    Ensimmäinen tutkimusmatka suuntautuu hylättyyn Ruin Dwarven Mining Companyn (Ruin DMC) kaivokseen. Kaivos jouduttiin hylkäämään monsteri-infestaation vuoksi, mutta siellä olisi vielä paljon kultaa jäljellä niille, joilla on tarpeeksi sisua astua peremmälle.

    Vielä enemmän rikkauksia lepäilee Hämähäkkikuningattaren linnassa. Toki kuningatar on jo kuollut tai pelkkää legendaa, jonka tarkoitus on pitää ihmiset loitolla hienosta linnasta...

    Lisäosa vaatii Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure -pelin ja on englanninkielinen.

  • Clank! Sunken Treasures

    22,95 €

    Clank! Sunken Treasures on laajennus Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure -peliin. Pelaajat tutkivat kahta osin veden peittämää luolastoa. Mukana tulee uusia luolakortteja, monstereita, ja ympäristöllisiä haasteita.

    Pakanrakennuspeli saa lisää haastetta, kun varastelukyvyillä pitäisi selvitä myös uudessa vetisessä ympäristössä. Uintitaito olisi kovasti jees, sillä monet huoneista ovat kokonaan veden peitossa. Ja sitten on vielä lohikäärme, mainitsinko jo siitä? Se on aina vihainen ja tosi nälkäinen....

  • Clank! The Mummy's Curse

    20,95 €

    Muinaisessa pyramidissa on uskomattomat määrät aarteita – mutta niitä suojelee epäkuolleen muumion inha kirous. Ja tietenkin aarteet ovat houkutelleet paikalle myös… sanotaan se yhtä aikaa: vihaisen ja tosi nälkäisen lohikäärmeen. Sen nimi on Croxobek, mutta se tieto sinua tuskin pelastaa.

    Clank! The Mummy's Curse on laajennus Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventureen. Se lisää peliin uuden pyramidilaudan, kortteja, kirouksia ja vaeltavan muumion, joka liikkuu samoilla käytävillä kuin missä uudet artifaktit odottavat vain löytäjäänsä.

  • Concordia: Salsa

    27,95 €

    "Salsa" is the Latin word for "salted", and in the Concordia: Salsa expansion for Concordia, players will discover:

    Two new maps: "Byzantium" and "Hispania"
    Wooden pieces for a sixth commodity: salt
    City tokens for additional salt cities
    27 Forum Cards for new strategies to follow
    The cards are all different, can be acquired during the game, and salt your game with new strategic challenges! Some cards have permanent effects, others return to stack after using. Both the sixth commodity and the new cards can be played with the base game and the Britannia expansion as well, thus giving even more variety.

  • Concordia: Venus (expansion)

    31,95 €

    Concordia Venus includes new personality cards with the goddess Venus allowing for new strategies, two maps (Hellas/Ionium) on which to play (using components from the Concordia base game in addition to new cards), and rules that enable teams of two players to play against one another.

  • Dark Souls: Forgotten Paths...

    29,95 €

    Dark Soulsin maailman lukemattomat polut jakautuvat tuhansiksi toisiksi poluiksi. Monet ovat rauhallisia ja jääneet vaille ympärillä raivoavan sodan kosketusta. Alkava matka tulee kuitenkin viemään sinut synkemmille poluille.

    Nämä polut ovat huonokuntoisia, kadonneet Liekin silmistä ja muistista. Nämä polut ovat ankeita ja kirottuja. Joka mutkan takana odottavat ansat ja perikato. Näillä petollisilla poluilla kulkevat hirviöt, joiden olisi suonut unohtuneen ajan syövereihin.

    Näitä polkuja tallaat kai viimeiseen asti.

    Forgotten Paths on laajennus Dark Souls: The Card Gameen. Lisäosa tuo uusia kohtaamisia, voimakkaita uusia vihollisia ja uudet säännöt maastolle ja ansoille. Näillä eväin jokainen taistelu on taas uusi haaste. Neljä uniikkia bossia ja uusi pelilauta antavat haastetta kokeneemallekin veteraanille.

    Jotta näistä uusista haasteista olisi mahdollista selvitä, lisäosassa tulee myös uusia voimakkaita aseita ja varusteita, sekä kaksi uutta pelattavaa hahmoa, Pyromanceri ja Varas.

    Dark Souls: The Card Game vaaditaan tämän lisäosan pelaamiseen.

  • Dead of Winter: The Long Night

    55,76 € 61,95 € -10%

    Dead of Winter: The Long Night is a standalone expansion for Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game that introduces the Raxxon location where horrible experiments will spill out into the town unless players can contain them.

    The game has players at a new colony location trying to survive with new survivors against brand new challenges. Can you handle being raided by members of other colonies? Will you explore more and unravel the mysteries of the Raxxon pharmaceutical location to find powerful items but release stronger enemies? Or will you upgrade your colony to help it better withstand the undead horde? These are all choices you will get to make in this new set, and if you want, you can mix in the survivors and cards from the original set to increase the variety even more.

  • Detective: L.A. Crimes

    24,26 € 26,95 € -10%

    Detective: L.A. Crimes, the first campaign expansion for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, consists of three separate cases that come together to form a full story. Travel to sunny California, and delve deep into the drug-filled Los Angeles of the 1980s. Experience being an L.A. detective, and realize that sometimes, like detective Foley from Beverly Hills Cop, you may need to stretch the laws a bit to suit your needs. Try some controversial methods to solve your case, all the while battling with the red tape of bureaucracy. Use all-new mechanisms of stakeout and observation to learn more about your suspects. The choices are yours, but are you willing to cross the line?

  • Dinosaur Island: Totally...

    39,95 €

    Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid adds components needed to play Dinosaur Island with up to five players, in addition to adding water dinosaurs to the base game, new parkboard extensions, executive worker meeples that give unique worker abilities to each player, a blueprints module that rewards players when they build certain park layouts, PR events that create hidden scoring opportunities, and more.

  • Elder Sign: Omens of the...

    24,95 €

    An eternal tyrant struggles to return to life from beneath the scorching sands of Egypt in Omens of the Pharaoh, the newest expansion for Elder Sign, a cooperative dice game that takes a team of investigators into the dark corners of H.P. Lovecraft's terrifying mythos. Based on the Dark Pharaoh expansion for the Elder Sign: Omens app, a team of investigators must travel to Cairo and join an expedition to stop the rise of the Dark Pharaoh Nephren-Ka. This dread ruler seeks to return from beyond the grave and continue his blood-soaked reign of terror. What otherworldly forces have preserved Nephren-Ka for all this time, and how can such a being be stopped?

  • Elder Sign: Unseen Forces

    27,95 €

    Unseen Forces, an expansion for Elder Sign, brings a fresh challenge to the efforts of the investigators in this cooperative dice game set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft's weird fiction. The museum harbors artifacts that draw the attention of horrible beings, and the unfathomable wills of these creatures make themselves known in the form of blessings and curses. Four new Ancient Ones, eight new investigators, and several new monsters accompany the introduction of these powers, and the entrance of the museum has been remodeled thanks to four Entrance Cards, which give investigators more ways to spend their turn if they'd rather not attempt an adventure.

    Blessings and curses work their power in Unseen Forces through the introduction of a white and a black die. A blessed investigator gains the Blessed card and adds a white die to the player's dice pool, giving him an extra icon to use to complete his tasks. Being cursed forces a player to take the Cursed card and roll the black die along with the rest of his dice pool. If the player rolls any die that matches the result on the black die, he must discard both from his pool immediately.

    Blessings and curses don't keep building up on an investigator. Any blessed character who receives a second blessing can draw a spell card, a clue, or a common or a unique item card. Cursed investigators, on the other hand, are walking a very fine line. If an investigator has the misfortune of a second curse being inflicted, he is immediately devoured! Seek out blessings and avoid being cursed, and you may have a chance of stopping the Ancient Ones...

  • Explorers of the North Sea:...

    27,95 €

    In Explorers of the North Sea: Rocks of Ruin, new opportunities await daring captains. Recent storms have left longships torn apart, with their precious cargo scattered across the rocky shores. Meanwhile, rumors of great fortresses in nearby regions are beginning to spread. Will you be the first to salvage the wrecks, or will you throw caution to the wind and charge the enemy fortresses for fame and glory?

    In addition to including components for an extra player, Rocks of Ruin also includes three new building types, 24 tiles, five large player boards, two new captain cards, shipwrecks and fortresses.

  • Fallout: New California

    33,26 € 36,95 € -10%

    Ah, California: sunshine, ocean breezes, and radioactive wasteland as far as the eye can see. This desolate coastal state was once a shining jewel, but since the Great War, the region known as New California has fallen into chaos — which is great news because where there's chaos, there's loot!

    The Fallout: New California expansion brings new quests, companions, vaults, and items to Fallout: The Board Game, letting you venture out into the wasteland as five new characters. While there, you can wander across twelve new map tiles that expand the scenarios found in the original game or head into sunny New California and visit some of the most memorable locations from throughout the Fallout series.

  • Feudum: Seals & Sirens

    15,37 € 21,95 € -30%

    Feudum: Seals & Sirens is a surreal seafaring expansion of Feudum. This expansion adds 6 whirlpool discs, 1 royal writs and a wooden siren.

  • Feudum: Windmills & Catapults

    18,87 € 26,95 € -30%

    Bull spit and horse feathers! More strange folk have migrated to your neck of the woods, leaving you with little elbow room. To make matters worse, windmills and catapults are popping up like dandelions. That takes the biscuit! You’re not about to lick someone’s boots without a fight.

    Feudum: Windmills & Catapults is a riveting and rambunctious region tile expansion. The game adds new region tiles, royal writs, a wooden windmill, and the ability to play with a 6th, pewter-colored player!