Lying Pirates: The Race for the Pirate Throne (Deluxe Version)

Lying Pirates: The Race for the Pirate Throne (Deluxe Version)

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You are the captain of your ship and the dice you have is your crew.

The game plays in a number of rounds where every round consists of three phases. Betting, sailing and action phase.

The betting phase: Inspired by the classic game Liars Dice , this poker-like mechanic will test your bluffing and probability skills.

The sailing phase: All except the loser sail forward on the map and battle for their event/tile. Some events you really want to explore and some you want to avoid at all cost.

The action phase: To aid you on your journey you'll have action cards on hand. Play these strategically to attack opponents and defend or upgrade your crew.

The Deluxe edition includes better components, support for two extra players and the Curse of the Dead expansion. See more here


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Lying Pirates: The Race for...

99.95 €