The Mystic Maze

VAT included

We set out to create the most entertaining jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever done by combining the traditional jigsaw puzzle experience with ideas from the worlds of tabletop games and magic.

We commissioned incredible, original art from independent artists, designed from the very beginning to be used in a jigsaw puzzle
We designed a surprise ending using techniques from optical illusions and magic that adds an extra experience to the end of the puzzle
Each puzzle has over 50 easter eggs to find as you solve (and they come with a guide to help)
Each puzzle is 28" x 21", and has 1000 pieces. That's about 4% larger than the normal size of a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
We imported the highest-quality puzzle cardboard in the world (1.9mm Eska "blue" stock) from the Netherlands and invented some new printing techniques so the pieces snap together and stay snapped
These puzzles have been extensively playtested to make the experience as smooth and engaging as possible from the moment you open the box to the moment you place the last piece of the last segment
When you're done with the puzzle, everything can be reset and all of the secret compartments close back up with velcro so you can share the puzzle with a friend or solve it again later.

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