Iron Clays : 200

79,95 €
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A new expanded set of Iron Clays. This set of 200 chips is designed to suit heavy games, all euro style games, many 18XX games, and poker games of up to 5 players.

Iron Clays 200 are delivered in a sturdy, foil stamped, embossed magnetically sealed box. Within the box, the clays are stored in stackable plastic trays, allowing them to reside on your game table accessible to you and your opponents.

The total bank has a value of 14,240

    Magnetically sealed box
    2 x Stackable plastic chip tray
    40 x 1 chips
    40 x 5 chips
    20 x 10 chips
    40 x 20 chips
    20 x 50 chips
    20 x 100 chips
    20 x 500 chips